IROICA as a network of international relations officers was established in 1997 as an activity within the "DEMETER" Socrates Thematic Network project. In 1998, IROICA became a Standing Committee within the Association for European Life Science Universities (ICA). Today IROICA has the status of a non-profit international association (as defined in the Belgian law of June 27,1921 - vereniging zonder winstoogmerk) with its own statutes. The seat of IROICA is Kasteelpark Arenberg 20, 3001 Leuven, Belgium. The governing body is the IROICA General Assembly which meets annually at the time of the annual conference. The Executive Committee is elected by the General Assembly.

IROICA’s main goals are to support and enhance the work of the international relations officers in the member institutions of the network by:

  • supporting the development of international cooperation by its member institutions
  • promoting and supporting international activities for undergraduate and post-graduate students, and for academic and administrative staff of their institutions
  • providing a pool of information about important developments in the field of international higher education
  • providing professional development for international relations officers in the field of academic international relations management
  • providing guidance for newly established international offices in relation to their overall profile and their principle tasks
  • disseminating outcomes from projects implemented by members
  • promoting internal quality assurance of institutional internationalisation strategies through the adoption of IROICA’s standardised quality assurance procedures, and
  • providing intercultural communication training for international relations officers and administrative staff

At all times IROICA promotes quality and high standing in its activities, which are guided by a spirit of openness, human rights and democracy.

In order to achieve these goals, the IROICA network acts as a forum for discussion. IROICA convenes physical meetings and with electronic communication enables members to express their views and requests. IROICA also coordinates and participates in projects – you can see the details under PROJECTS.